About Me

Hey there! I’m Leah Madsen, a licensed Electrologist and Master Esthetician. I spent all my life in San Diego, CA until moving to Salt Lake City in 2016 as the result of a promotion in my former career as a Human Resources Manager for a company of 5,000 employees. So how did I end up with a passion for removing hair and skin care, you ask?

I was a young single mom when I received my basic Esthetics license in the early 2000’s. Sadly, I wasn’t able to pursue my love for skin care at that time. I had to make the decision to take a corporate career path. To say mistakes were made would be a severe understatement, but I got my life on track and focused hard on raising my son and providing for us. I was able to, through a long series of taking the “next right steps”, create success in my life and career. The more I grew and learned about myself, that career path proved to be incongruent with my self expression and need to do something that really inspires me. It was soul draining and unhealthy for me. I made the hard choice, which my well-being depended on, to walk away from that success (and the financial success that came with it) to work toward things that really excite me, hair removal and skin care. So, instead of “running away from home” to live in Spain for a year and air out from stresses that were becoming insurmountable, I went back to school and started a business in the middle of a global pandemic! Because that’s not stressful, right? But, when you are doing something you love, that’s the fuel that keeps you going and the type of challenge that makes you want to wake up and go hard for it!

If that weren’t enough reason and you are still wondering why, guess what? I struggled with unwanted hair most of my adult life and challenges with my skin since I was a teen. These were debilitating, shameful things in my life that got in the way of my confidence and held me back from being comfortable in my own skin more.. I have/had hair in places that I really didn’t want and not just for cosmetic reasons (which is totally fine, I have that too). But hair and skin that had a negative impact on my daily life, it altered how I perceived myself and prevented me from really being me.

I want to help people that are struggling the way I have because I’ve been there. I know how important it is and I can relate to what you are going through whether our stories are identical or not. Whatever the reason you want to remove your hair or improve your skin; less maintenance, you are in the process of transitioning, aging or acneic skin, you are a woman with PCOS or hormonal havoc is presenting hair issues…. Whatever the reason, I know it’s painful to live with something that seems to define you, but isn’t who you want to be. If this is you, I am here for you and would love to help you achieve your goals. Can’t wait to meet you! Xo!